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Bombay Velvet Movie Review

Today’s released Bombay Velvet is directed and co-produced by Anurag Kashyap. It is based on historian Gyan Prakash’s book Mumbai Fables, a story of how the city of Mumbai became a metropolis against the backdrop of love, greed, violence and jazz music.

Story: Bombay Velvet is the story of all these characters trying to find their place in the late 60s Bombay. Kaizad Khambatta (Karan Johar) leads him into the hallways of the rich and famous.

Johnny played by Ranbir, has been the perennial outsider now he wants in, and he will do anything to break into the charmed circle that rules the city with iron hands and corrupt fists, and nothing his best friend Chiman (Satyadeep Mishra), nor the love of his life, singer Rosie Noronha played by Anushka Sharma can say will dissuade him. It is love at first time for Balraj when he sees Rosie singing in a shady bar.

bombay velvet movie review
Bombay Velvet Movie Still

Kaizad Khambatta (Karan Johar), who is also a shady land-dealer. Kaizad is a villainous scumbag who even pimps out his wife to his opponents to trap them in a compromising position.

When a politician is similarly trapped, photographed and blackmailed by Balraj and Khambatta, Rosie is sent as a mole sent by Mistry to get her hands on the negative of the photograph. She is made the lead jazz singer at Bombay Velvet, a club now owned by Balraj, who is now Johnny Balraj.

bombay velvet movie review
Bombay Velvet Movie Still

Rosie and Balraj then get into a passionate relationship. Ranbir getting beaten again in a fighting match, double crossing , pupil turning against his master, shootouts, before we finally give and stop tracking what’s happening on screen. Anurag Kashyap goes hardcore commercial, as he works with a big star like Ranbir for the first time.

Performance: Ranbir Kapoor plays him with slithery elegance. Ranbir Kapoor is beyond brilliant in his role of Johnny, a childlike, impetuous, stubborn but heartbreakingly passionate and vulnerable young man.

bombay velvet movie review
Bombay Velvet Movie Still

Anushka Sharma gives good support as she lives Rosie, a silent sufferer of the atrocities of men who want to rule her. Karan Johar makes his Bollywood debut with this film and well Kaizad Khambatta is high on the classy quotient.

Music: The music of Bombay Velvet is pretty much on the expected lines, which means it doesn’t really follow Bollywood norms and instead treads a path of its own.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a plethora of chartbusters in the offering, the songs seem good enough to fit into the storytelling of the film. While Neeti Mohan gets to sing a majority of tracks, Shefali Alvares gets her fair share as well.

Bombay Velvet Movie Official Trailer:


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