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Sooper Se Ooper Movie Review

Sooper Se Ooper  Is a decent comedy with lots of drama the film follows Ranvir (Vir Das), whose fortune is in the dumps Rajasthani chora trying to find a long-lost mama so that he can claim his rightful property: this one-line story may have seemed, on paper, as if it was just crying out to be a film. But on screen, it turns out be one big dud.Vir Das plays the Mumbai fellow who goes off to a village in Rajasthan to search for his dead mother’s brother. Who turns out to be Gulshan Grover in a red langot (the stuff the pehelwaans wear in the akhara). Why langot? The story offers no clue.

Actually, Sooper Se Ooper is plot-less, which leads to the characters being clueless. Ranvir (Das) is given a gaon ki gori (Kulhari) to play with, when he is not having life-and-how-to-live-it conversations with his mama and his (the mama’s) faithful saathi (Sharma).

At one point, they all dance in the dunes. Why? No one knows. Some dodgy builders from Mumbai, led by Kukreja (Dobriyal, in a terrible wig), show up. They are after the property. Sooper Se Ooper, despite being set in Shekhawati, rural Rajasthan, and Mumbai, does not resort or any of the stereotypical, holier-than-thou comparisons between city and countryside (which is a great relief) and instead, celebrates both life styles that have their own ups and downs.
Das is likeable and has done well in films when he is one of a bunch. Alone, he gets flattened. Grover must have the part down pat, given that he played something similar.

This film has no unnecessary song sequences, suggestive dialogues, nudity or double-meaning ‘jokes’, however this does not mean that it is only for the family — singles, couples, friends, everyone can enjoy this.

Sooper Se Ooper will not be able to make you laugh like other comedy movies.

Sooper Se Ooper Review Star Performances :
The performances make this film worth watching. As an experianced Gulshan Grover is superb and his comic timing is ultimate. Wise, Vir Das plays his character with one part conviction and one part confidence. He brings out the pitiable character to the big screen with utter ease.  Kirti Kulhari is good and does justice to her part. Deepak Dobriyal is fabulous and performs comic scenes with effortless ease and with a blank face. Yashpal Sharma plays his character with poise. Mohan Kapoor is good. The rest of the supporting cast does their best to their respective roles.

Sooper Se Ooper Movie Trailer :

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