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Mr X Movie Review

This friday released Mr X is a supernatural thriller, the movie is directed by Vikram Bhatt and Written by Vikram Bhatt and Shagufta Rafique. Starring Emraan Hashmi and Amayra Dastur.

Story: Raghuram Rathod (Emraan Hashmi) is the Anti Terrorist Department’s (ATD) best cop, who is in love with his colleague Siya (Amyra Dastur). On the day of his final assignment before marriage, he is charged with treason and the murder of the Chief Minister. Surviving a factory explosion, he returns as the invisible Mr. X.

Emraan-mr x
Mr x Movie Still

Bhatt tries to incorporate the superhero angle, but his linear narrative springs no surprises and as soon as he makes his hero go invisible, his entire plot is clearly visible and the heavy inspiration from Hollywood flicks. The film’s VFX could’ve been far better and looks shabby in places.

The scenes where Mr X is sparsely visible, are the ones in which its poor quality is noticeable. The 3D effect does help its visual appeal. The build-up for the climax is fascinating and it latches your attention.The movie is disappointing overall.

Mr x Movie Still

Performance: She needs to brush up her acting skills before she takes up another project! Emraan Hashmi has tried hard to deliver a few punchlines here and there but has miserably failed at it.

Music: The music is given by Ankit Tiwari & Jeet Gannguly. We know that so many filmmakers and even lyricists, composers and singers are toeing the line of the Bhatt-Pritam school that began with Gangster nine years back as well as the Bhatt-Mithoon-Ankit template after Aashiqui 2.

Teri Khushboo from Mr. X is a visually boring song and Saad Shukrana is a slow and sad song similar to what he has presented us previously. The songs of Mr. X seem to be below average and is far from being enjoyable.

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