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Mickey Virus Movie Review

Mickey Virus is a comedy thriller movie, story set in Dehli, The movie continue when Delhi Police come across a case revolving around hacking, they search a computer hacker who can help them to track the case. Manish Choudhry is ACP Sidharth head of the police come across Mickey, the fairly unambitious, lazy Delhi boy, whose brain operates faster than any high-speed internet, but very talkative who needs a ‘backspace’ at all times. who helps his mother run her grocery store by the day. He works (read hacks) according to his own fundas by the night. This is what drives the initial tension and funny moments of the script before the rest of the fresh storyline heats up. ACP Siddhant has another assistant, inspector Bhalla (Varun Badola) who adds to the madness quotient of this the crazy ride. Inspector Bhalla are tough nuts to crack in the movie. Mickey’s decision to help the cops gets him into a soup where he himself is trying to escape from the cops. This is what forms the rest of the story is based. The cops hire Mickey, but as he unscrambles the case he gets ‘spammed’ by a well-programmed series of crimes. Mickey falls in love with a character in his game called “Kung Fu Chameli” and determine to do hard work to get whatever he wants.

Mickey Virus Review Star Performances :
On the performances, Manish Paul makes a good debut with confidence and promise. To his good luck debutant Manish Paul isn’t a  intellectual, bespectacled hacker. He wears smart, colorful tees with even smarter lines painted on them. He can be funny, serious & romantic. Manish Choudhari impresses you with his controlled, stern cop act and surprises you completely towards the end. Debutant Ellie Avaram does the bombshell part like how it has to be done, inspite of having problem in delivering hindi dialogs she proved herself In her introductory scene she is draped in a yellow sari just like Rakhi Sawant. Still, she is likeable and not shrill like Sawant.

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